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Individual Income Tax

Fort Collins Tax Service, LLC, specializes in individual income tax return preparation and planning for the clients of Financial Planning Fort Collins. Our process is smart and streamlined. We will help you get your biggest refund possible or lower the amount you may owe.

You may be looking for someone to help you take the guesswork and legwork out of preparing your income tax return. Perhaps you’ve done it yourself or worked with a national tax-prep firm in the past and you’ve found the process confusing and time consuming. Let us put your mind at ease, save you time, and put more money back in your pocket.

Working with Fort Collins Tax Service, LLC, you can have confidence knowing that your return is prepared by an Enrolled Agent – the only federally licensed tax professionals who specialize in taxation and also have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS. Whether you’re looking to get this year’s taxes done right, or you’ve fallen behind and you’re ready to catch up, we can help.

Smart Process

Saves you valuable time and effort

Confidence and
Peace of Mind

Comes with working with an Enrolled Agent

More Money in
Your Pocket

Maximize your refund or minimize your balance due

Let us put your mind at ease, save you time, and put more money back in your pocket.


Our pricing is designed with digital delivery in mind. Clients who utilize our streamlined return preparation and delivery process save both time and money.

Federal Form 1040 & Resident State Tax Return


Includes pre-preparation consultation, digital delivery of the return and authorizations, E-File, Schedules A & B, and all other Schedules and Forms, except as noted below.

Additional Schedules & Forms

Schedule C


Self-employment income and expenses.

Schedule D


Capital gains / losses.

Schedule E Pg. 1


Rental real estate and royalty income and expenses.

Schedule E Pg. 2


Passthrough income and expenses from partnerships, S-corporations, estates, trusts, or REMICs.

Schedule F / Form 4835


Farming income and expenses.

Schedule F / Form 4835 clients are accepted on a case by case basis.

Form 2555


Foreign earned income (exclusion).

Form 3115

Hourly, see below

Change in accounting method.

Form 4868


Extension of time to file – deposit for and credited to final invoice.

Additional State Return

$120 each

Non-resident or part-year-resident return.

Entity (Forms 990, 1065, 1120, and 1120S), estate and trust (Form 1041), estate tax (Form 706), and gift tax (Form 709) returns are prepared for individual income tax clients only, when necessary. Pricing is based on the type of return being prepared and will be disclosed at the commencement of the engagement. Fort Collins Tax Service, LLC, does not provide bookkeeping or payroll services.

Additional Services

New Client Onboarding


Required for new clients who did not use Fort Collins Tax Service, LLC, to prepare their most recently filed tax return. Includes a full review of the most recently filed return and supporting documents. This is a separate fee and is not included in the return preparation fees stated above, however, it is credited towards any invoices related to amending a prior return. The fee is waived for clients of Financial Planning Fort Collins.

In-person Return Review / Delivery*


Our process (and pricing) is built around a streamlined workflow for the digital delivery of your tax return and e-file authorizations. The in-person review and delivery of your return is an additional service. This fee covers the office time and printing costs associated with the physical, in-person delivery of your return.

* Due to the ongoing public health situation, in-person return review/delivery may not be available.

Audit Representation, Pre-Pay Protection

25% of final invoice

If you elect to purchase Audit Representation, Pre-Pay Protection and the tax return for which it applies is ever audited, examined, or reviewed by the IRS and/or state / local tax authority, Fort Collins Tax Service, LLC, will fully represent you during the audit or correspondence examination at no additional cost.  Pricing is based on the final invoice amount, before any discounts are applied.

Hourly Services

$300 per hour

Hourly services are outside of the scope of ordinary tax return preparation and basic planning for the following year.  This may include but is not limited to specific-issue or long-term tax forecasting and planning, extraordinary income/expense reconciliation, and audit/correspondence examination representation. There is a $1,500 minimum/retainer for audit representation.

Get Started.

Our Streamlined Process

2021 tax season has started! Please read the information below.

With very limited exceptions, Fort Collins Tax Service, LLC, is no longer accepting new clients for income tax return preparation. Only clients of Financial Planning Fort Collins are eligible for an automatic exception to this policy. To learn more about how you can have us prepare your tax return, please visit the Financial Planning Fort Collins website and explore our comprehensive personal financial planning service.

If this is the first year we’re preparing your tax return, you should download and complete a new client organizer. Please complete the organizer and save your inputs to a file you can find and upload to us or bring a printed copy to your document scanning meeting. If you’re a self-employed sole proprietor or own rental real estate — or if you need to file prior year(s) returns — please download and complete the appropriate additional organizer(s).

The Steps and Details

  1. Complete the form below — It all starts here. You’ll choose whether you’ll upload your supporting documents or schedule a time to have them scanned.
  2. Engagement letter — You (and your spouse, if applicable) will receive an engagement letter to sign electronically via DocuSign.
  3. Upload your documents or come to your document scanning meeting — You’ll receive an email that will explain exactly what you need to do to get your info to us.
  4. Tax prep and results notification — We’ll do our magic here and when we’re done you’ll get an email with your result and how you may be able to improve it.
  5. Invoice — If you have an invoice due, you’ll receive it electronically. You can pay your invoice with a credit card or bank transfer. All invoices are due within 24 hours of presentation.
  6. Return copy and filing authorizations — We’ll send your filing authorizations to sign electronically via DocuSign and upload your tax return copy to our ShareFile secure document portal.
  7. eFile — All done! Easy, wasn’t it?

Local, Personalized Service.

Jason Speciner, CFP®, EA

Jason S. Speciner, CFP®, EA

Jason Speciner is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional and an Enrolled Agent. Since 2004 he has served clients of all ages and backgrounds with unique experience working with members of generations X and Y.

As an Enrolled Agent, Jason has demonstrated a special competence in tax matters and has been granted unrestricted rights to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. To maintain these rights he must adhere to specific ethical standards and stay current with tax law and regulations by completing a required amount of continuing education annually.

As a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, Jason has met the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards’ rigorous initial and ongoing education, examination, experience, and ethics requirements. In practice he must adhere to the principles of integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, confidentiality, professionalism, and diligence when working with clients.

Jason graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, concentration in Finance, and a certificate in International Business. While attending CSU Jason was a member of the 2000 and 2002 Mountain West Conference champion football team.

In 2005 Jason met his wife Casey in Fort Collins. Casey and Jason were married in 2009 and share their home with their daughter, Shiloh, their twin sons, Hunter and Quentin, and their black lab, Cosmo Kramer. Jason’s interests include technology, cooking, travel, and sports.

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We are no longer accepting new clients for income tax return preparation only. If you would like for us to prepare your tax return, please consider becoming a Comprehensive Services client of Financial Planning Fort Collins. We are sorry that we are not offering any exceptions at this time.

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